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For Corporations, Institutions & Organizations

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Welcome to Black History Events Online, where Black History comes alive year-round!

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We specialize in delivering compelling Black historical presentations, ​engaging educational activities, and empowering training sessions tailored ​for corporations, companies, and institutions that are committed to ​fostering equity and understanding.

Black History James Baldwin

“One cannot deny the humanity of another without diminishing one's own.” - James A. Baldwin

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The impact and importance extends beyond the month of February

During the “Great Resignation,” some 51% of employees reported that they left a company ​because they didn’t feel a sense of belonging — a sentiment that was greater among nonwhite ​employees (according to Forbes).

To alleviate the stress and pressure of these very specific issues, we believe companies will ​need to have more focused efforts and activities that target specific groups who fall under the ​minority umbrella. You can not simply label a training “diverse and inclusive” and expect it to ​be effective for all underserved populations.

At BHE, we are here to provide assistance in understanding the Black experience through ​historical references and education.

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Wealthsimple Technologies, Inc (FEB 2023)

"This was by far a great choice if you want a quick lesson on unpopular black history topics. It was refreshing to learn something new and different across all spectrums of Black culture from infrastructure, inventions, cuisine, hair to music. Logic Allah was highly knowledgeable, relatable, and engaging with our employees. The presentation was short and sweet and our employees wanted to learn more about Black influence in America but also Canada. The slides, videos and quizzes were beautifully woven together to deliver an interactive and informative lesson! Thank you to Logic Allah.” - Black Cultural Impact

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To learn more about how Black history can help your team members ​feel more included and understood, click the button below and ​download our free resource Black History in Action.

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Click the button below to watch a DEMO sample of the Black Museum Tour


This experience takes your team on a virtual tour of 6 museums across the country that are preserving the Black experience and sharing history in a unique way. Museums are a portal into our past which help us to understand present day conditions by examining yesterday's events.

Each location has a unique origin story and a different focus. Your host will highlight featured exhibits while sharing facts and asking questions along the way. This experience is approximately 1 hour long.

Viewing some of the most significant African American museums and cultural exhibits across the country, our hosts will highlight artifacts and collectibles from one or more of the following:

  • The National Museum of African American History & Culture
  • The National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum
  • America’s Black Holocaust Museum … And more
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This experience is designed to help participants understand that ​people of African descent have been in North America for hundreds ​of years (before the Declaration of Independence) and have ​contributed greatly to our society.

Taking a look at a wide scope of areas, your host will guide you ​through areas of culture that have been impacted by Black people ​during and after the enslavement period.

Enjoy an interactive presentation that includes 2 pop quizzes, music ​and tons of interesting information. This event is approximately 1 ​hour in length.

Learn how Black Americans have had a major influence in:

  • Music
  • Cuisine
  • Inventions … And so much more

Click the button below to watch a DEMO sample of the Understanding Juneteenth


This experience helps bring clarity to June 19, 1865, and why this day is considered the emancipation of the last enslaved people in Galveston, TX. Since legislation was signed into law making Juneteenth a federal holiday in 2021, it is important that Americans understand the history behind the holiday as well as how it has been celebrated throughout the years.

Including interviews with scholars, trivia questions and more, this presentation takes a deep dive into the history ending the Civil War and forced servitude in the United States. This event is approximately 1 hour in length.

We will take the time to consider the importance of:

  • The Emancipation Proclamation
  • The 13th Amendment
  • General Order No. 3

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Click the button below to watch a DEMO sample of the Understanding Kwanzaa


Learn more about Kwanzaa, a progressive African American ​holiday. Created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, Kwanzaa is ​celebrated by millions of people worldwide every year.

This week long celebration is a time for families and communities ​to come together to remember the past and to celebrate African ​American culture.

Book this one hour online learning experience and gain insight ​into:

  • The history of Kwanzaa
  • The 7 principles
  • How to celebrate … And so much more

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One of the travesties of history is that we begin to make actual people into myths and legends. We strip away their human flaws, their imperfections so that they fit into our own personal narrative.

Dr. King is one of the main people this has happened to over the years. A man who’s life is so rich and eventful has been narrowed down to two talking points: "non-violence" and "I have a dream." However as an individual, Dr. King said and stood for so much more.

Learn more about the words and works of MLK by reviewing rare photos and speeches as we take a deeper look at the life of an American icon.

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Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their contributions to American Society. However, rarely do we look at the reason it is necessary and the history of how it came to be.

In this one-hour presentation we take the time to explore:

  • The life of Dr. Carter G Woodson
  • The study of history in America
  • Kent State University’s contribution
  • How to celebrate … And more

This fun and interactive activity includes videos, rare photographs, trivia questions and a pop quiz!

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BHE delivers a smooth seamless process. Once you book your private event with us, we will handle the rest. Our hosts are very knowledgeable and can manage the flow of the presentation from beginning to end. We provide the Zoom channel for hosting the experience and provide your team with a link to login and participate.

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Fill out the booking form at our website

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Input your contact information, the experience that you ​are interested in, along with your desired date and time.

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A member of our team will email you to confirm your ​date and time, as well as the price for your experience.

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Next we will send you a contract agreement and an ​invoice for your deposit.

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Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we will send your the event ​link that you can share with your team to attend your virtual Black history ​experience.

Click the button below to view our pricing schedule, containing details about the cost of hosting a private event for your organization.

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Click the button below to enter your ​contact information and the experience ​your organization is interested in into our ​booking form.


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The event itself was really well done, Logic was a great host and the team enjoyed it. Overall, I'm pleased and expect to use you all for more experiences in the future!

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The event setup was very straight-forward and required minimal work on our end. Our host was incredible and the participants were very happy with the interactive presentation.

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What a great virtual option for our team, the tour itself was amazing and made all of us want to go visit each and every one of these museums. Our guide was super knowledgable and friendly as well.

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The class was fantastic and our team really learned a lot. Logic is very knowledgeable and a wonderful presenter. I found myself sharing things I learned in the class days after attending, so the information really stuck!

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We are committed to educating organizations about the culture, struggles and contributions of Black people in American society, in an authentic and honest way.

(210) 560-1733

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